My in-house workshops are based on years of experience in some of the most demanding industry sectors such as travel and hospitality. Modern customers expect more, and in order to remain competitive and profitable, your business will need to deliver more.

Great customer service is also an important differentiator for your business. Outstanding service stands out a mile, promotes customer loyalty and in many situations can take you out of a price war with your competitors. Consumers are less sensitive to price when they receive top quality service.

In reality, every workshop is tailored for the individual needs of each client. The outlines below will give you a flavour of the kind of topics that I can offer.

Flexible delivery
How the workshops are delivered is entirely your choice.

  • Mix and match any of the content from the various workshops
  • Choose from full-day, half-day or bite-sized workshops

In House Workshops

Customer Service: The Basics

This workshop covers the fundamentals of Customer Service. It’s a good starting point for new team members and a useful refresher for existing employees.

Delivering a 5-Star Customer Experience

This workshop will help you deliver a 5-Star customer experience every time.

Essential Telephone Skills

It takes approximately 3 seconds for a customer to form an impression of a company over the telephone and that impression is based initially on tone of voice then words. Therefore, the right impressions must be created every time in order for the customers to want to continue with the conversation.

Managing Customer Expectations

Customers are the lifeblood of a business; all businesses need customers to thrive and to grow. The world we live in is constantly changing and our customer expectations are changing with it.

Identifying Your Customer’s Journey

This workshop helps you understand and identify all the touch-points a customer has with your company before they make a purchase, throughout the sales process and beyond.


Building relationships with existing and potential customers while promoting products and/or services over the telephone, within a specific timeframe takes both skill and commitment.

Handling Complaints

This workshop focuses on why customers complain, how to handle difficult situations and maintain the ongoing relationship with your customer.

Introducing a Customer Service Strategy

Business success depends on a customer-centric approach to service. This workshop explores why consistency across your organisation, together with external and internal communication are essential elements in a Customer Service Strategy.

Up Selling & Cross Selling

This workshop looks at selling skills and techniques to up-sell or cross-sell products and services to existing customers.