We Are All Customers Too

We buy products and services and we walk away feeling either satisfied or dissatisfied with the service we have received. We know how we feel when we receive excellent or not so excellent service. How many times have you walked away and thought “Wow that was amazing” or perhaps “That was terrible”. I met a […]

Your Customer’s Journey from A – Z

Delivering excellent customer service should be the focus of your business and at the forefront of your team’s minds. In order to support and encourage your teams they need to be continuously reminded of the importance of service delivery excellence. You can do this by using different communication channels ranging from on the job coaching […]

Take the Aviation Approach

Ensure consistency within your teams and adopt the aviation approach Airline crew are known for high standards of customer service delivery and customer care. Crews from day one are trained in all aspects of safety and service with the emphasis on building relationships with customers. Of course not all airlines are as focused. However those […]

Improve Your Speaking Power

The way that you transmit verbal messages over the phone to your customers has a major impact on the level of service you provide. Your entire message is communicated through your choice of words and tone of voice. If the customer can’t understand you because of jargon used they will be confused and may switch […]

What do YOUR Customers experience when they visit your business?

Customers will judge their experience on the amount of attention that they receive? The more attention the customer receives, the greater the level of customer service. I’ve 2 recent experiences that I’d like to share with you: Last month I went to buy a few groceries. On approach I noticed the staff member at the […]

If you don’t look after YOUR customers someone else will!

How can you ensure that your employees are giving YOUR customers excellent customer service? You can’t be there all the time and even if you were, you wouldn’t want to be on their heels…and I’m sure they wouldn’t want you to be either. Giving an excellent service is paramount because the customer is the most […]

“Behaviour Breeds Behaviour”

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you! If someone is displaying negative behaviour, ensure you don’t fall into the trap and emulate the same behaviour. Sometimes this happens without us realising as our emotions take over and get the better of us. I’d like to share the following customer service experience with you. […]

7 Steps to Memorable Customer Service

Picture a customer entering your business. They wander around for a while then approach the till where they see a staff member busy doing something with their back turned. The customer hangs back for a moment. The staff member hasn’t yet acknowledged them. After a couple of minutes the staff member STILL doesn’t acknowledge them. […]

10 seconds of First Impressions

It really doesn’t take much time or effort to be pleasant to YOUR customers. In today’s working world we are all busy with lots of different tasks and duties to perform: deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, emails to send, targets to exceed and so on. But what about our customers, do we really spend […]

“Chalk and Cheese” of Customer Service

Isn’t it amazing how customer service can differ so much from one store to the next? Recently, I took my son shopping. SHOP A was busy. We found some trainers we liked and looked around for assistance. With trainers in hand I was showing obvious “buying signals”, yet we were left alone. I went to […]

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