Increasing Revenue

Up Selling & Cross Selling Your Way to Sales Success

For individuals who actively promote products and/or services and who are looking to improve their selling techniques through Up Selling and Cross Selling

Learning Outcomes:-

  • Identify each stage of the Sales Cycle
  • Understand the Customers Buying Process
  • Understand the importance of Relationship Selling
  • Identify Selling Techniques such as Up Selling and Cross Selling
  • Ability to match Features and Benefits to Customers needs
  • Identify barriers to Selling and understand how to overcome them successfully

Do you have your market share of customers but your sales aren’t growing? 

Increasing revenue per customer is something you need to focus on.  Selling Tools such as Up-selling and Cross-selling train­ing will help your team to:

  • Understand the customer’s needs and recognise the signals
  • Respond to buying signals
  • Create opportunities to up-sell or coss-sell
  • Gain confidence
  • Sell naturally
  • Over­come objections positively
  • Make more sales!


Other courses/workshops available:

  • Basic Sales Techniques (aimed at front line teams)
  • Enhance your Selling Skills and Techniques through improved Sales Awareness


If you would like to discuss this type of training programme then just contact us.